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He slumped forward, craning his neck from tree he leant against and squinting as if he’d been poked in both eyes in an honest attempt to turn the words on the page along the page of the fat book in his lap into something he deemed at all interesting.

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Oh look

Merida and Young Macintosh

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Chag Sameach, everyone! (  ´∇`)ノ

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The Doctor Is In


"roleplay is just for FUN" the angry racist roleplayers say as they try to excuse their racism


A Piss Poor Brave Parody

I’m not that funny or clever but I tried….-ish. Also I used a few clips I’ve posted before but maybe no one will remember .-.

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holy cat people on Tumblr etc. will devote hours of time to chasing down and discussing imaginary Easter eggs in Disney movies that may or may not show that the movies are “linked” to each other — will spend days and book-length posts analyzing the three minutes a character spends singing in a movie

but talk about race or non-christian religions and their potential place in Disney for a single post, and suddenly everyone needs to cool down on discussion because they’re just fun simple movies for kids meant to make them laugh and you’re thinking about it too much??


[to be clear I’m fine with the first. Have issues with the first always being categorized as “good fun on tumblr reading super far into films” while the second gets categorized as “feminists etc. who are never happy and pick everything apart”]