[ ➳ ] “Aye or die!

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     “What kind of apple did the Evil Queen give
          Snow White to put her to sleep?  Was it
          green, or was it red?”


[ ➳ ] I bet my boots it was greenCrab apples
start out that way, aye?” He vehemently refused
to believe that anything his exact favorite color
had any negative sort of connotation. Red was
the shade of passion, blood, his kilt. Apples
were a close second “
Can’t say I’ve ever heard
of ae red apple havin’ any other business than
delicious in ae tart.”

Especially anes from Macintosh Orchards. Only
th’ finest, lov’. On my honor.”


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➹ ——  (◎) She rolled her eyes. ” It’s been a very windy season across these waters,” she recounted, smirking in spite of herself. “an’ a cold one t’ boot. Ye’ll forgive me fer not finding ye as impressive anymore.” See one cock, see them all as far as she was concerned, but she couldn’t resist deflating some of his ego.

Pride dictated that she step back fro him, but she melted into his touch all the same. Always the same curl, heavy on her crown. Her eyes flickered, and she turned around to face him. 

As long as his neck was, she didn’t have enough hands to do him in. She might leave her smelly booties beside his pillow instead, were it not for the likely possibility that he would inhale them entirely up his nose. She sighed. 

"Ye’re woad looks like shite," she said offhandedly, tracing the blue ripple with her fingers. Tilting her head so, she leaned up on her tip toes, and snatched up his lips instead.


[ ➳ ] What was that supposed to mean? Had she been eyeing other lads while he’d been gone? That stable boy always seemed to have his on her. So did every man with a working cock, granted, but he couldn’t very well threaten to cut them all off. And less than impressive? She was lying to hurt him now. Helping herself to fatal shots to his ego she didn’t seem to need any bow for.

Still, she reached for him and kissed him, and he counted that a victory and breeze to his momentarily deflating sails. A Macintosh without a bluster of hot air in his wake was a sore sight. Even dirty and covered in inches of sea brine, he held himself as if he were best in show.

—— - Woad!" he mumbled into her mouth "— Could’ve written ye in woad” A beat and a small hitch of his brow as if it would still do him any good now that he was already home before he kissed her properly. Happy to know he could still induce a popped foot or two, he swept her back dramatically as a few whistles from the docks and clucking older maids sounded.

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So I decided to put the Meritosh comic off for now. I plan on re-drawing this page, so I’m throwing up the original version of it for later comparison.

I don’t really like how I drew Macintosh. He looks too Disney for me.

There was dialogue, but I didn’t put it on.

Merida: I miss Macintosh.
Young Macintosh: [says something]
Merida: ...
Merida: Never mind.
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➹ ——  (◎) “Sometimes I can hardly believe ye’re house trained.” she sighed. He was like a hound in more ways than one, all the way down to his big sniffer that he liked to bury inside her skirts. He needed a good kick more often than he deserved a petting.

"Another day an’ I would have forgot whit ye looked like. I had dreams where’n ye were nothing but a big, hairy knob." Although, now she thought she could see a resemblance. 

                                         ”No,” she said, shaking her head. “I don’t want to. I’m mad at ye.”

[ ➳ ] She was cross. He could tell. Not that it took a scholar. He’d missed her so. The way her button for a nose and wee mouth the same shade as berries twisted up like a sailor’s knot when she wanted to throttle him within an inch of his life. He reckoned he was well and truly done for as far as his heart and it’s home went.

“Ye’ve been dreamin’ about knobs, aye?” She made teasing her so easy. He almost wanted to award her a handicap as if this were a fox hunt “My knob, I hope. D’nae lie tae me that ye’d forget whit it looked like. I wiggle it around yer face enough.”

He reached forward to play with her hair, a single, inch thick ringlet curling about a long finger as he pulled it down and let it bounce back up.

"Don’t be such ae coo. Come oan. Right here" He bent at the waist and pointed to his cheek "Else I piss oan yer booties like ae real dog."

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breaking news: mac is gross and you all love him.

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